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Moodys 2015 outlook for Asian coal industry negative

(November 26, 2014) -- Moodys Investors Service says that its negative outlook for the Asian coal industry in 2015 reflects the producers struggle to generate positive cash flows

Government grants C&C status for 61 mining permits

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has granted clear and clean (C&C) status for 61 miners, both minerals and coal, holding the IUP mining business permit and IPR people’s mining license

Indonesian coal miners unlikely to cut output despite price slump

Indonesian coal producers continuing efforts to slash costs are enabling them to increase output and remain profitable even though prices are at the lowest since March 2009, analysts said Monday

Indonesia’s Tough Choice: Capping Coal While Demand Grows

Indonesia cannot build power stations fast enough. And neither can most of its Southeast Asian neighbors.Rapid economic and population growth are driving equally rapid demands for electricity as the

Govt warns 4,800 miners of permit termination

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has warned over 4,800 miners in the country holding the so-called IUP mining permits to resolve the various problems in their mining operations by year end

Govt grants C&C status for 75 mining firms and Govt cancels C&C s ...

The Directorate General of Mineral and Coal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced on Tuesday it has issued C&C status for the IUP mining business permits of another group of 75 min

Tougher requirement won’t have significant effect on RI’s coa ...

The new tougher export policy, effective as of October 1, won’t have significant effect on the country’s coal export this year as many of the major producers have already obtained the necessary ex ...

Coaltrans East Asia Forum Seoul - Summary of Britmindo presentati ...

Alan Nye recently returned from the 2nd Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum in Seoul, Korea, which he attended as a Roundtable Moderator discussing the future of the Indonesian coal industry.

Indonesian coal exports suffer new rules

Indonesias coal exports are expected to decline due to new administrative protocols to come into effect today.

Indonesian thermal coal: New export regime seen as positive for I ...

A slight recovery in prices for Indonesian-origin thermal coal is expected by some traders once Jakartas new export licensing regime takes effect on October 1 and after Indias Supreme Court